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IMG 9044Based in Goma (DR Congo), Arsene is a 27 year-old social entrepreneur. Arsene manages a humanitarian NGO that specialises in providing education to children affected by war. He is also a Consultant on Internet governance with focus on child online protection and human rights violations affecting the internet. He was one of the fellows of the last AFRINIC meeting (AFRINIC-25) that took place in Mauritius from 25th to 30th November 2016.

Arsene has been an active member of discussions on different topics on Internet governance. It all started in 2011 when he participated as a speaker at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) on a panel on child online safety. What struck him was the fact that there were very few discussions in the Congo on Internet governance issues and at that IGF 2011, very few sessions giving voice to young people to talk about how the Internet has affected them positively or negatively.

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Members IPv4 IPv6
169 New Members in 2016.
1,441 Total Members.
11,780,096 /32s of IPv4 address space distributed in 2016.
99,215,616 /32s of IPv4 address space distributed since 2004.

6,881,575 /48s of IPv6 address space distributed in 2016.
594,805,556 /48s of IPv6 address space distributed since 2004.


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169 ASNs assigned in 2016.
1,434 ASNs assigned since 2004.

685 people trained on IPv6 and INRM in 18 countries throughout Africa.

63 blog posts published.

4,515 Facebook Page Likes, over 2,740 more than at the start of 2016.  

5,448 Twitter Followers, over 1,400 more than at the start of 2016.

Outreach FIRE Africa Fellowship

31 events attended by staff to represent the interests of the AFRINIC membership.

5 Member outreach meetings held

US$ 252,000 of funding allocated to 13 projects through the FIRE Africa Grants and Award Program.

16 AFRINIC Fellows provided with assistance to attend AFRINIC Meetings

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awardeeAlieu Sowe, from the Give1Project Gambia, talks about his project, All Girls Tech Camp, which received the FIRE Africa Google Award in 2016, and his recent trip to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF16). As part of the Award, winners receive a travel grant to attend the event to take part in the global Awards Ceremony together with FIRE Africa's sister programmes in the Latin America and Caribbean (FRIDA) and in the Asia Pacific (ISIF Asia) regions, as well as showcase their project and meet with other entrepreneurs from around the world. 



I first learned about the UN Internet Governance Forum (IGF) through an email I received from AFRINIC stating that the 2016 Seed Alliance Award Ceremony would be held at the IGF taking place in Guadalajara, Mexico. This was my first time travelling across the Atlantic to Latin America. I wondered what kind of people I would meet at this conference apart from tech experts. Arriving in Mexico, the only Spanish words I could say were 'gracias' and 'muchos gracias'!  I quickly found myself paying attention to the language and trying to connect it with French. 
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