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Didas Passport size imageDidas Mzirai is the founder and CEO of Mucho Mangoes, an organization that empowers rural smallholder farmers in Kenya. In December 2016, as part of his FIRE Award, he travelled to Mauritius to attend the AFRINIC-25 Meeting and then onto Guadalajara, Mexico, to attend the Internet Governance Forum (IGF). He tells us his story below.



nov.roundupNovember kept us all busy with the AFRINIC-25 Meeting. Here's a quick wrap up of what we got up to in November.

Monthly Statistics

New members in November: 9

Total new members in 2016: 159

Total members at end November: 1,431

IPv4 address space allocated in November: 108,032/32s

Total IPv4 allocated to date in 2016: 10,699,776 /32s

IPv6 address space allocated in November: 13 (all prefix sizes)

Total IPv6 allocated to date in 2016: 106 (all prefix sizes)

ASNs assigned in November:14

Total ASNs assigned to date in 2016: 158


fire1The 2016 IGF took place in Guadalajara, Mexico, from 6 – 9 December. AFRINIC staff and several FIRE Africa grantees made the trip to participate in this important global Internet governance event. We've put together an overview of the week's highlight's below:

Seed Alliance Award Ceremony

The FIRE Africa Award winners received their trophies during the Seed Alliance Award ceremony which took place on 6th December, alongside the winners from the other Seed Alliance sister programmes, LACNIC's FRIDA and APNIC's ISIF Asia.

This November I was lucky enough to attend my first AFRINIC meeting. Despite the temptation of the beach, I made my way to the Sofitel Hotel in Mauritius each and every day. This was an interesting experience for me. As an academic, I’m very used to attending conferences, but AFRINIC provided a unique vantage into the more practical world of operators and policy. I, myself, am a Internet measurements specialist, who spends his days (and sometimes nights) collecting data to understand the functioning of networks, often in Africa. Hence, I landed in Mauritius with an open mind for how the meeting could feed into my own research.

AFRINIC-25 took place in Flic-en-Flac Mauritius, from 25 - 30 November, 2016. Around 240 people from 47 countries took part in training sessions, workshops, tutorials, policy development discussions, plenary sessions, elections and networking events. The meeting was organised by AFRINIC. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to our sponsors, partners and donors, and the attendees. We look forward to seeing you all in Nairobi, Kenya, for the AIS'17 and AFRINIC-26, from 21 May - 2 June 2017.


  • Agenda, abstracts and presentation slides

The AFRINIC-25 meeting saw several fascinating presentations on a wide variety of topics including IPv6 deployment in Africa, AFRINIC's new IPv6 certification platform, Certi::6, Mauritius' Critical Information Infrastructure Protection Framework and latency clusters in the region. The full agenda can be found here. Click on the Info section to see the presentation slides. The session recordings (28 - 30 November only) can be found here.

  • Meeting Statistics

Over 240 people attended the meeting, with more than half (51%) of attendees being first time meeting attendees. 27 African nations were represented alongside 20 other economies from around the world. More detailed meeting statistics can be found here.

  • Daily Reports

Detailed Daily Recaps of each day's events were publied each day and can be found here.

  • Photos

You can see photos of the meeting here and you can view the AFRINIC-25 Storify below: