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Board Of Directors

 group_addblockedAFRINIC operations are overseen by a Board of Directors (BoD) which is elected by members on a regional representation basis as defined by Article 13 of the bylaws. Once appointed to the BoD, each director represents and works for the whole region and not just for the sub-region seat they were elected into.

The Board of Directors holds an Annual General Members Meeting (AGMM) during the first public policy meeting of each year.

Some of the responsibilities of the Board as described in Article 15 of the current bylaws are:

  • Determine the guidelines for the allocation of address space for Members
  • Consider broad Internet policy issues in order to ensure that the policies and strategies of the company fully respond to the changing Internet environment
  • Determine a financial budget for the activities of the Company for a given period
  • Establish a ceiling for expenditures for a given period and from time to time to vary such ceiling as they deem fit
  • Fill any casual vacancy in the office of the auditor of the Company
  • Provide any general directives to the Chief Executive Officer regarding the staffing of the Company
  • Determine the conditions of employment of the employees of the Company who are employed at an Executive level
  • Reduce or waive fees payable by any person to the Company, or to amend in any manner whatsoever the conditions relating to the payment thereof
  • Appoint or remove the secretary of the Company and to determine the remuneration payable to such secretary
  • Appoint such committees for such reasons and with such terms of reference as they shall consider necessary or desirable.

 organisation structure


Primary BOD Members

Name Country Region From To
Sunday Folayan (Chair) Nigeria Western Africa 1st July 2016 30th June 2019
Abibu Rashid Ntahigiye
Tanzania Eastern Africa 1st July 2015 30th June 2018
Kris Seeburn Mauritius Indian Ocean 1st July 2014 30th June 2017
Haitham Z. El Nakhal
Egypt Northern Africa 1st July 2016 30th June 2019
Christian D. Bope RD Congo Central Africa 1st July 2014 30th June 2017
Lucky Masilela South Africa Southern Africa 1st July 2015 30th June 2018
Seun Ojedeji Nigeria Non-Regional/Geographical 1st July 2016 30th June 2019
Andrew Alston South Africa Non-Regional/Geographical 1st July 2014 30th June 2017
Alan Barrett - Appointed CEO of AFRINIC


Board Committees



 Audit Committee

 1 . Abibu Ntahigiye

 2 . Andrew Alston

 3 . Seun Ojedeji

Charter Document



 Finance Committee

1. Haitham El-Nakhal

2. Krishna Seeburn

3. Christian Bope

4. Alan Barrett (CEO)

Terms of Reference Document


Remuneration Committee

 Remuneration Committee

1. Sunday Folayan

2. Lucky Masilela

3. Alan Barrett

Terms of Reference Document




Previous BOD Members

Date Board Members Country
2013 - 2016 Aminata Amadou Garba Niger
2013 - 2016 Haitham El Nakhal Egypt
2009 - 2015 Mark Elkins South Africa
2009 - 2015 John Walubengo Kenya
2012-2015 Dr Paulos Nyirenda Malawi
2011-2014 Mr Lala Andriamampianina Madagascar
2011-2014 Mr Janvier Ngnoulaye Cameroon
2010-2013 Nezar N. Sami Egypt
2010-2013 Ndeye Maimouna Diop Diagne Senegal
2010-2013 Khaled Koubaa Tunisia
2010-2013 Alioune B. Traore Mali
2009-2012 Lillian Wambui Karanja Kenya
2008-2011 Jean Philemon Kissangou Congo
2008-2011 Didier R. Kasole DR Congo
2007-2010 Mr. Mokthar Hamidi Algeria
2007-2010 Mr. Pierre Dandjinou Republic of Benin
2007-2010 Mrs. Rachida Jouhari Morroco
2006-2012 Silvio Almada Angola
2006-2009, 2012-2015 Mr. Badru Ntege Uganda
2005-2011 Viv Padayatchy Mauritius
2004-2010, 2013 - 2016 Mr. Sunday Folayan Nigeria
2004-2008 Mr. Keneth Yiptong Mauritius
2004-2008 Mr. Gaëtan Bouraga Gabon
2004-2008 Mr. Pierre M. Kasengedia RD Congo
2004-2007 Mr. Alan Levin South Africa
2004-2007 Mr. Kamal Okba Morocco
2004-2009 Mr. Brian Longwe Kenya
2001-2009 Mr. Alan Barrett South Africa
2001-2006 Mr. Charles Mussi Uganda
2001-2004 Mr. Kouma D. Cyriaque Gabon
2001-2004 Mr. Theo Kramer South Africa
2001-2004 Mr. Richard Bell Kenya
2001-2004 Mr. Zakaria Amar Mauritania
2001-2004 Mr. Yann Kwok Mauritus
2001-2004 Dr. Nii Quaynor Ghana
2001-2004 Dr. Tarek Kamel Egypt


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