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CEO's Office

Chief Executive Officer

Ashok Radhakisoon
Legal Advisor

Guylaine Mootoo
Executive Assistant

HR & Administration

Salveena Larche
Human Resources Officer

Yavisht Toolseeya
Office Administration Manager


Research & Innovation

Alain Aina
Director Research and New Technology

Amreesh Phokeer
Research & Development Engineer

Logan Velvindron
Research & Development Support Engineer

Finance & Accounting

Patrisse Deesse
Finance & Accounts Director

Avinash Bajnath
Revenue Accountant

Gurunaden Ganessen
Accounting Assistant

Nirmal Manic

Karen Vythelingum
Travel Coordinator

Communication & Public Relations

Gaelle Anta Fall
Head of Communications and PR

Vymala Thuron
Marketing & PR Manager

Ashil Oogarah
Technical Communication Editor/ Writer

Patricia Senghor
Cooperation & Development 
Project Manager


Member Services

Arthur Nguessan
Head of Member Services

Radha Ramphul
Customer Services Team Leader

James Chirwa
IP Number Analyst

Ernest Byaruhanga
Policy Liaison Manager

Christelle Robette

Customer Services Coordinator

Madhvi Gokool
Registration Services Manager

Keessun Fokeerah
IP Number Analyst


IT & Engineering

Neriah Sossou
Head of IT & Engineering

Daniel Shaw 
Infrastructure Unit Manager

Avinash Gokhool 
Software Developer
Duksh Koonjoobeehary 
Multimedia & Web Team Lead

Avi Keerodhur
Multimedia Designer
Yogesh Chadee
Software & Database Team Lead

David Njuki
System Engineer

Abiade Dosunmu

Nikesh B.Simmandree
Junior System Engineer

Heriniandro Rakotobe
Web Developer

Cedrick Mbeyet
System Engineer

Michel Odou
Software Engineer
Database Manager 
Hudson MBONG
Network Engineer

Capacity Building & Community Development

Mukom Tamon
Head of Capacity Building and
Community Development

Brice Abba
Emma Perrier
Training Coordinator

AFRINIC Factsheets

AFRINIC Factsheet IPv6 Factsheet Policies Factsheet
afrinic factsheet ipv6 factsheet policies factsheet